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To the HFALA Board of Directors,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude and most sincere appreciation for having been chosen to be the official beneficiary of the HFALA Art Brazil event being held on March 21st, 2003.

It is a very humbling experience to wake up one day at age 45 to realize you have been chosen to receive a grant from a foundation whose mission is to help the homeless. Facing the prospect of homelessness has been a very frightening experience for me.

Life seems to have chosen to present me with a number of challenges over the last few years the first of which was the closing of the video postproduction business where I had worked for over 8 years. While I was able to pick up a few freelance jobs as an editor, work was difficult to come by and I began to dip into my savings.

About six months after the business closed my life partner was diagnosed with Tuberculoses. This came at a time when I had decided to start living a healthier lifestyle and had started eating a mostly raw vegetarian diet. I took edit jobs when I could get them and started working a couple days a week with a Raw Food Chef to bring in some money while staying home as much as possible to take care of my partner who's condition worsened month by month.

Bill's passing in May of 2002 was one of the most devastating events in my life. 13 years just wasn't long enough, although it was certainly more than either of us ever expected when we met. When everything was said and done my savings accounts were depleted and his employer denied me my right to his life insurance policy.

I was managing to survive working as an assistant to a Raw Food Chef while doing a community diner of my own once a week until the health department came along and closed down the facility where we were working. That closed down my last source of regular income.

Then came the cancer diagnosis. While I had suspected cancer for months I have only recently confirmed that I do indeed have Kaposi Sarcoma which has spread into my mouth making it very difficult to eat.

And so I find myself here, 45, unemployed, 2 months behind in my rent with less than $400 in my pocket, and a cancer diagnosis with no medical insurance, wondering what is going to happen to my dog if I get put out on the street.

I want to try to heal this cancer holistically and would like to go through a 3-week detoxification program at the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego. To do that I need to come up with approx. $2000 for tuition while still needing to pay rent on my home at $1000 a month until I can get back on my feet and find a permanent job.

I have been told by countless individuals that these events in my life are karmic, that I have chosen this illness to learn a lesson, that spirit will take care of me if I just have faith. I'm not sure how I feel about all these great insights but I do thank the powers that be from the bottom of my heart for the gift of compassion you are giving to me.

Michael Davis



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