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"Hfala" is the phonetic translation of "Give Thanks" (or "Give Praise") in Russian. 
With us, HFALA stands for
Home for Art Los Angeles.

A Message from the Founder:

Can You Define Who You Are?  

Many of us can answer this question. If a survey were conducted,you would be astonished by the results. You probably believe that the factors and or experiences, which define you, would not apply to someone else. When in fact, the majority of the times you will discover that most of us share similar factors and/or experiences, which contribute in defining who we think we are. We as human beings have created a race consciousness, which has allowed room for illusion and a sense of self. Illusion creates confusion. Confusion becomes a way of life for many of us.

We are spiritual beings struggling to understand our human experience. Our society lacks knowledge in understanding spirit. Due to all lack of knowledge/understanding, we have suffered in our journey in this dimension as spiritual beings. All studies performed in our society are related to the effects of our experience (behavior, thoughts, addiction, DIS -EASE, etc.) A psychiatrist studies human behavior, not spiritual behavior. Today, there is information available in understanding spiritual beings; however, in my opinion this information is being provided by those spiritual beings who have evolved on a different level. Society, as a whole, has not yet evolved in this area.

When we are born into this world, we are perfect. Our innocence is untouched. This beautiful spirit arrives with no expectations, no motives, no opinions, and no views on life. The love this beautiful spirit intuitively feels for his/her mother is REAL. This is not an illusion.There is an immediate acceptance and bond between the two. We are all familiar with unconditional love. This was the first emotion we experienced upon our birth.

Unfortunately, due to the struggle in understanding our human experience in this dimension, for many spiritual beings, unconditional love lies dormant in our subconscious. It is ironic that when we delve into the issues of our discontent is attributed to lack of love and or lack of self-love.

As we commence our human experience, we are faced with various struggles, which distorting our perception of self/spirit. The illusions created by society are detrimental to the development of self. The most powerful factor in distorting our perception of self is our thoughts. Trained thoughts or learned thoughts are a result of race consciousness. Deep down inside you may not believe these thoughts. However,these thoughts were taught to you based on the stipulations implemented by society:

* If you do not obtain a college degree, you will be limited to opportunities
*If your parents abandoned you, you are sent to homes where LOVE DOES NOT EXIST (certain children represent $$$)
*If you are a drug addict, you are not accepted in society
*If you are homosexual, you will experience discrimination
*If you are minority, you have a fewer opportunities. Minorities also experience discrimination. What baffles me is how do we determine who are the minorities
*if you are raised in a disadvantaged environment, chances are you will grow up to be menace to society
*Your financial status can either make you or break you in our society
*Females are discriminated against on various levels

(These are just to name a few).

The factors by which society defines spiritual beings really has nothing to do with who you really are. These factors and or criteria's breed lack of acceptance, self-doubt and self limitations. This in turn will trigger the negative thoughts, which attempt to tell us how we should define ourselves. The messages are so strong (race consciousness) that we become attached to these thoughts and begin to believe that they are true and accurate. I am not worthy, I am a failure, no one loves me, I don't love myself, etc. We must not give energy to these thoughts because by giving them energy,you are giving them power. If you give these thoughts power, you are giving them permission to become YOUR REALITY. Remember, these thoughts require attention and not attachment.Only you can define who you are. You are perfect and whole. You are truth. You are a beautiful spiritual being in this dimension experiencing the human experience. Only you can fill the void. Remember,the void represents that unconditional love wich lies dormant in you waiting for your return. Don't forget to acknowledge your accomplishments.

I am grateful for you to on take the chance and spend the time on reading my message to you, now together we can produce a wonderful result and abundances of opportunities. I believe in Hfala, I believe in US. We count and you with a plan and action, self trust can with us touch others in many ways as well.




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